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At Happy Productions,  we blend the power of emotive storytelling with social media expertise to transform how non-profits grow on social media. At the heart of our story is the global sensation, “Are You Happy,” a series that has become a beacon of happiness, touching the lives of over 4 million followers and resonating with a staggering 200 million viewers annually. 

We bring this same emotional depth and global reach to ‘Happy Productions,’ where our expertise in social media growth and video production helps non-profits amplify their voice and impact. 


Viral Video Production

Happy Productions is responsible for global viral moments of positivity. In a world of conflict-based algorithms, Happy Productions has cracked the code of making positive impact, go viral. 

To do this, we craft bespoke short-form video content that’s not just seen but felt. We infuse your mission with the potential of viral growth, powered by authentic engagement and stories that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.


Ethical Influencer Recruiting

Transform your influencer campaign with integrity at its core. At Happy Productions, we believe in the transformative effect of ethical influencers—those whose authority is matched by their advocacy and authenticity.

We meticulously screen for influencers who are community-minded and mission-aligned, ensuring that when they speak, their audience listens, believes, and takes action. By focusing on ethical storytelling, we create campaigns that don’t just lead to impressions, but to lasting impact and genuine change.

Community Management

We transform your audience’s engagement into valuable, long-lasting relationships. When viewers watch your content, when commenters share their thoughts, we don’t just see numbers—we see potential customers, dedicated volunteers, and lifelong donors. 

By carefully analyzing interactions and fostering a two-way dialogue, we create a nurturing environment that encourages deeper involvement with your cause. This strategic approach ensures that each like, comment, and share is an opportunity to grow your community in both size and commitment.


How are we able to reach 200 million viewers per year for our clients and our Are You Happy series? These resources are dedicated to giving you the tools you need to grow your organization’s social media presence.

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